We have all seen so much in recent days. A needless, unacceptable and still unfathomable death. Anger, hatred and senseless violence. Good, good people with heartfelt pain and fear and the best of intentions … and, sadly, a few bad people with the worst of intentions.

And tears. Way too many tears.

We have all been moved by what we have seen. Some of us have spoken out about injustice. Some of us have joined in peaceful public protests and have demanded that we all “say the names” – George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and way too many others. For only by saying the names can the injustices they experienced leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

No words we can say can bring George Floyd back, but silence and indifference are just as lethal a killer. While we know the current protests represent a step, maybe only a few steps, in an all-too-long road to healing and equality for all, the journey must begin somewhere and it must begin immediately. We have already seen too many tomorrows.

Enough senseless violence and death. This moment must be remembered as a turning point. When we, as a nation and as this nation’s citizens, came together, linked arms once again in a united effort to eradicate inequality once and for all.

We must act. Now.